Blue Card Situation

The ER94(b) form needs to be completed by breeders who wants to change the breed code on the blue card from whatever is currently listed to DN or DNX. The DN code was only created afrer the breed got recognised in 2018. The local RVO has the authority to change the breed code following DNA testing and issuing of pedigree certs. If the RVO are in doubt about procedure they can be referred to DAFM Livestock section in Portlaoise. Pure cows and bulls are entitled to DN code and supplementary cows entitled to DNX. Droimeann cattle have been added to the list of indigenous breeds meaning organic farmers can buy up to 40% non organic breeding females from such breeds in a year and also the females do not have to be maiden heifers. To avail of this the breed code on the card should be DN or DNX. Attached is the ER94(b), which is available for download.


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