Artificial Insemination

The Society has applied for grant aid from the Department of Agriculture and has also selected a handful of potential candidate bulls and are hopeful that we will be successful in our attempts to have a couple of options for AI and we will keep breeders posted as soon as there is an update the allocation of grant aid. 

The Candidate bulls need to meet strict criteria in relation to animal health, high purity and Eurostar Indexes.

Presently there is no envisaged date for the completion of this project but as soon as we have more information we will update members. 

The best case scenario given where the Society is at this moment in time is that we may have Droimeann AI straws in July at the earliest but probably more likely the autumn.

For breeders who will require a bull for the coming season or who will need advice for this breeding season please let the Society know as soon as possible.


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