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About the Droimeann Cattle Society

Our Mission Statement

To promote the preservation of the Droimeann Breed of cattle with the aim of maintaining a viable population of purebred animals to preserve their genes as a genetic resource, while at the same time doing all that is necessary to promote the commercial attributes of the breed.

Objectives of the Society

Our Targets

The society is actively seeking new members and sponsors and are in the process of undertaking a number of initiatives such as the setting up of a website, getting bulls into A.I., acquiring a certification mark and promoting the breed. If you feel you can support our targets in any way, please contact the society via our Contact Page. Following recognition of the breed by the dept. of agriculture we hope to avail of any supports, such as grants and to ensure the eligibility of the breed for participation in schemes such as GLAS etc. and we intend to actively market produce from Droimeann cattle.

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About the Droimeann Cattle Society

Our History

Founded on 11th September 2016 at a meeting held in The Firgrove Hotel, Mitchelstown by a number of breeders and non-breeders interested in the preservation of the breed. Full membership is open to breeders in possession of at least one pedigree female recognised by the society as pure. Associate membership open to those who do not have any cattle but are interested in the breed and feel that they may have a role in the preservation of the breed or are just interested in the breed.

The society operates as a co-operative affiliated with the Irish Co-operative Society and the Register of Friendly Societies. Some genetic testing was undertaken on Droimeann Cattle by Weatherbys on an ad hoc basic before Paul Flynn completed a thesis on the breed in 2009. A subsequent genetic study’s was undertaken in 2013, followed by tests in 2015, 2016 and samples are currently being prepared for analysis. These studies show the level of purity of the cattle as well as the level of co-ancestry, which allows for the optimal selection of stock bulls for individual herds. The results are promising, revealing cattle of up to 100% purity. To date over 300 cattle have been tested. From here on testing will be conducted on an annual basis on newborn calves.

Official Status

August 2018

The official launch of the Droimeann Cattle Herdbook took place in the beautiful surroundings of Ballyvolane House, County Cork on the 22nd August 2018. A large crowd was present on the day to witness the event. An exhibition of Droimeann Cattle were present on the day, with special thanks to Tom Keane for exhibiting the animals on the day. 

Speakers on the day were provided by ICBF Paul Flynn Weatherbys Nicola Hobson Department of Food and Agriculture. The speakers were followed up by refreshments. Ear to the Ground were present on the day and a segment of the day’s events will be broadcast by RTE at a future date. Make sure to tune in!

​April 2018

We in the Droimeann Cattle Society are delighted to announce that following an inspection by DAFM on 25/04/18 the Society has been approved by the Dept  to officially hold and maintain the Droimeann Cattle Herd-book. Droimean cattle have also been recognised by the Dept as a distinct breed of Irish cattle This marks a milestone for our society as it is the first native breed to be recognised since the Irish Moiled were recognised in 1927. 

We as a society would like to thank the ICBF Weatherbys and Teagasc for their co-operation in helping us achieve this goal. We would especially like to thank Nicola Hobson of the DAFM without whose help this would not have been attained A public launch to mark this occasion will take place  at a later date. Please watch this space!


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